I work with two different kinds of young women…

Young women who are swinging for the fences in life…

This time in your life is different. Obviously. That is what makes it so exciting. But it requires you to be a different person than you have been in the past.

Getting through the first year can pose lots of unexpected challenges.

This experience is about helping you get everything you want from the college experience without stress.

I give my clients the foundational tools to get their schedules in line with their priorities, learn what their priorities are, find strong peer groups, communicate with professors and keep their scholarships.

I want to be coached.

And girls who know they belong in college, but need someone to help them along the way.

When you are ready to get serious about being a success and college and really prove to yourself and the world that you belong here and can do this, it is all about putting systems in place that are going to transform you to the college student you dream of being.

I show you how to look at your college experience with the end in mind, working backwards with intention.

Having perspective from someone who has taught, coached (and been) just like you makes all the difference.

I have helped clients get scholarships, keep scholarships, graduate, get jobs, land internships, negotiate with professors and I will help you too. 

My coaching is very hands on and up in your business. You get all kinds of access to me and a step by step process to get to the diploma.

I want coached.

"Before even graduating high school, Mrs. Evans was already helping me figure life out. She helped me with many scholarships applications that allowed me to go to the University of Arkansas for FREE. As a graduation gift, she gave me a book called “The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey. Of course, as a freshman in college, I had no interest in anything other than enjoying my freedom and having fun. I started doing bad in school. I called Mrs. Evans one day & talked to her about what was going. She told me to “get my act together” and that we all knew that without my scholarships I wouldn’t be able to afford college. Mrs. Evans has always been an honest, caring, & extremely nice person. She is an amazing teacher and friend. Years later and that book is still helping me be better and more responsible."


"Jo saved my life mentally and emotionally -- I have chronic OCD coupled with depression and anxiety, and Jo is the first mental health professional I've ever worked with in my 36 years who I have felt completely safe and not judged by - I will be forever grateful for her empathetic and therapeutic genius!"


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