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"JoBeth is absolutely amazing to work with. She has a brilliant ability to hear what is being said (and not being said) which has helped me achieve my goals. Her unwavering support of my vision is inspiring and so appreciated. She sees in me what I cannot always see in myself. I highly recommend worthing with JoBeth in any capacity for her professionalism and willingness to be part of the solution is second to none."

-Alison Donaghey
Speaker, Podcast Host, Cause and Effect Strategist


JoBeth Evans is a speaker, writer and life coach that helps college students thrive in their personal and academic lives. 

Having taught high school students for 5 years and college students for 6 years, JoBeth understands what makes students thrive, as well as what makes students fail. 

In college JoBeth experienced anxiety. This is something that many students on high school and college campuses are dealing with on a daily basis. After many years of living with anxiety and working with students with anxiety, JoBeth knows and understands the impact that anxiety has on students' life. 

JoBeth has a  special way of working with students to help them analyze their life in a way that makes it not only livable, but enjoyable. 

She does not believe in telling students to cut things out of their life, but rather to use their time management skills and self-discipline to do all the things they desire. 

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Do Your Part in Increasing Student Retention

What are the things we can do to help students get to and stay in college? 

Do you find yourself or colleagues saying,

  • "The class is not that hard. I don't know what the struggle is."
  • "We have a great school, but our graduation rates aren't increasing”
  • "Our students seem to lack the motivation to finish what they start."

Students fail and drop out every single day because they are not able to deal with the life that is happening outside of the academics. 

According to the ADDA, 85% of college students report feeling overwhelmed by things they had to do. 

When we stand before a group of students we must see them beyond a scholar. We have to see the working mother, the student who is working 2 jobs just to keep their head above water, the student who has always been the "smart kid" but is struggling for the first time, the student who loves their social life but still wants a degree... 

We have to see it all. 

During this talk you will learn the identity of these "overwhelming" things that are causing students to fail and dropout and have actionable steps to prevent student overwhelm and increase student retention.  

You will learn how to identify students that are overwhelmed and know what to do when you see this. 

Discover actionable steps you can take today to increase student retention by doing small things in the classroom and bigger things as a campus. 

You’ll walk away from this talk knowing exactly what it is that your students need from you in order to thrive in the classroom and beyond. 

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