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Give your daughter the opportunity to THRIVE through this loss.









"JoBeth is absolutely amazing to work with. She has a brilliant ability to hear what is being said (and not being said) which has helped me achieve my goals."


"Before even graduating high school, Mrs. Evans was already helping me figure life out. She helped me with many scholarships applications that allowed me to go to the University of Arkansas for FREE."


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I'm JoBeth Evans, creator of College Success Coaching with JoBeth Evans, College Instructor, Life Coach and a girl mom.

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I am really glad you are here right now! It shows how dedicated you are to helping your daughter find happiness again. 

If you are like most parents that I have spoke to lately you are ready to see your daughter happy again. As a mother, the hardest thing is seeing your kids hurt and mourn over their losses. 

Your daughter is experiencing a very unique type of grief right now and is the loss of something they never had, which is a different kind of pain. It is called disenfranchised grief. It is a big word that means that she is mourning the loss of something she never had. 

I know this pain first hand. Five years ago my husband and I were ready to start our family. We were so excited- had all these dreams of pregnancy announcements, guessing the gender, raising a little one that looked just like us- doing all the parenting things.. And then we couldn't get pregnant. For two years we went to the "who's who" of infertility doctors in the United States. The news was the same every single time. It didn't work. You're not pregnant. I'm so sorry. The pain from this time in my life was real. And dark. It felt like an open wound. And I lived in this place for over two years. 

My story has very little do with your daughter. But why it is important for you to know my story is because our grief is the same. Mourning the loss of a dream. 

So why am I so excited to be here? Teaching your daughter this? Because I am on the other side of the grief that I experienced with infertility.  

In the process of going to all the doctors and being told that we could not have children I learned skills and created tools that drug me through it and created an end result that has had the biggest, greatest most miraculous outcome-- becoming a mom. 

When one door closes one door opens. In our case, it opened and there was a one year old girl and a five year old boy standing on the other side. They are the greatest blessings and the best outcome possible to my desire to be a mother. 

There is light at the end of the tunnel for your daughter. She just needs someone to help her walk and guide her till she sees it. 

By the end of the Bummers to Breakthroughs, your daughter will have have:

  • skills to help her feel and manage emotions

  • an understanding of what grief is and how she wants to experience it

  • a skill set to determine the reality of her situation 

  • the ability and desire to seek joy again 

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Breakthrough 1: Embracing Sadness

  1. Why we need to feel emotions. 

  2. How to feel emotions 

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Breakthrough 2: Understanding Grief

  1. Understanding the stages of grief

  2. Identifying where you are and how you have experienced each stage

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Breakthrough 3: Living the NOW

  1. Identifying what is true. 

  2. How to find joy in the now. 

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Breakthrough 4: The Future

  1. How to embrace the unknown. 

  2. Setting goals among uncertainty 

Private Community

What is anything without people to talk to? In our private community you can ask all your questions and get responses from others in the group. It is a judgement free place where you can questions share ideas and build relationships with like minded young women. 

Don't worry! I'll be there too! 

1:1 Coaching with JoBeth

You heard that right! 1:1- private coaching is going to happen! We are going to meet twice during this program for 30 minutes. I get to sit at the other end and help you navigate and troubleshoot ANYTHING that is holding you back. Even after this program is over I will still be here for you, so no worries! 

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Why "Bummers to Breakthroughs"? 

Will it really help my daughter?

Those are excellent questions. 

Being a teenage is HARD. Loss is HARD. Losing something you never had is the hardest.

THAT's what makes this situation so challenging. We can't say things like, "well at least you have those memories" or "at least you got to experience that."

The things that she had envisioned for herself have been stripped from her. I have dealt with this same kind of loss. It is unique in its nature and very sensitive.

So why this program and not another one with a different coach? 

I specialize in working with teenage/college age girls. I understand them inside and out. This program gives them the tools and practices that they need in order to get to that breakthrough moment that you all are wanting so badly.

During the very first Breakthrough Lesson, she is going to start feeling a release of the anxiety and sadness. It is going to happen quickly. Will there be tears? Probably! It's part of her healing process.

At the very beginning of the program she is going to get a 1:1 call with me. We're going to talk about all the things she wants to get from the mastermind, and then I'm going to give her what she needs.

I'm a college instructor and life coach. I want you to fill the shoes of the mother - the one who holds you and fixes your favorite foods and gives you a shoulder to cry on. I am not here to raise your daughter or replace you. I am here to help her navigate a unique time where both of you are hurting.

Save your daughter a seat in the mastermind!

Bummers to Breakthroughs Release Calendar:

New video lessons will be dripped out on May 26th & 28th and June 1st & 3rd and a link will be emailed to you. The following day, a *live* Mastermind meeting will take place via Zoom to answer questions and to connect about their own sadness, grief, current reality, and future plans also emailed to you. 

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Doors Close Thursday @ 10am CST

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