How to Manage Your Time in College


Time.. We never have enough of if-- or so we believe. We tell our friends, family and professors, “I am sorry, I just do not have time.”  


I don’t have time to workout. 

I don’t have time to visit my grandma. 

I don’t have time to take a nap. 

I don’t have time to study for this test. 

I don’t have time to work a job. 

I don’t have time to cook my meals. 


These are all lies. So often we get caught up in telling ourselves lies because it feels good. If I know I have time to workout but I am choosing not to, it feels much different than saying I don’t have time. We are told from the time we are little that lies hurt people and that is so true. When we lie to ourselves we are only hurting ourselves. You do have time to do all the things I mentioned above. Quit lying to yourself. 


Here is the truth though. You may not have the skills necessary to accomplish all the things. I am going to teach you how. It is super simple. It is so simple you are going to wish you were doing this years ago! This time management skill is going to allow you to kill it in college and kill it in life!! 


Here we go!! 


Try to get all your classes on the same day. So you want to shoot for either M-W-F or T-TH. If you cannot do that, see if there are any online classes that you could take. 


  1. Put all your classes in. They are priority. 
  2. Put in your study sessions (Read post about minimizing your study time) 
  3. Put in the hours that you will be working. 


From there you decide how much time you want to spend with family and friends, napping etc. The thing is that you must put everything that you are going to do in there and stick to it! If you make your plan and never look at it again this will not work for you. You have to plan your work and then work your plan. As you can see in this example schedule below, you have a lot of time. You have time to do everything that you need to do. 


Here is something else to practice. Do one task at a time. If you are “studying” Then you should be studying. This does not include the time it takes to walk to the library or order your coffee. It does not include reaching for your phone to check Instagram. This is study time. 


Here is a common question; What if I cannot get the job or task done within the time I have scheduled?  Answer: You finish it in that amount of time. Period. Put your nose to the grindstone and get it done. 

There will be things that come up and throw you off your schedule, but listen. The more you let that happen, the less likely you are to get your things done and more likely you are to feel loads of anxiety later. If something throws you off schedule make sure that it is something very important. Hint: Your friend asking you to come over when you are supposed to be studying is not something to change your schedule over. Just tell them that you are studying and you will be over before you head to class. 


Tip: Never have a to do list. Instead, put the things that you need to do on your schedule and then do them on that day. This way you will have a specific day and time to do it. It is more likely to get done that way and it is much less overwhelming.  

To see what a weekly schedule might look like click here to see one I have done for you!  If you want to have it for yourself, just click Make a Copy. 


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