Epic Parenting: An Interview with Dr. Tiffanie Noonan

Uncategorized Sep 14, 2020


In this video interview with Dr. Tiffanie Noonan, we talk about what you can do to be a truly epic parent. It truly is a time of transition. A time of excitement, changes, and fears for parents and for students.

Sometimes create an expectation that the transition is going to look a certain way without ever really getting clear on our intention of what we want it to look like and then be surprised by the way other people are reacting. It is recommended that you should take a deep breath and realized that it's ok to recognize that this experience is different. We are going into a new stage in our life that is a new experience and it is new and it may feel weird. It may be hard for parents to not see you as that small child blowing bubbles.

Showing compassion is really important during this transition. If you're going off to college and you feel that your parents are being a little controlling, show them grace. For parents, realizing that your children are going to have their own college experience and it may not look like what our experience was.

Sometimes we try to make our experience our child's. When we feel controlled, we want to do the opposite, typically. Allow your child to feel heard and seen. They won't feel empowered to call you and share their experiences, we have to be open to them making their college experience, theirs.

Set a clear intention of what do I desire this next phase of my life to look and feel like for parents and for students. What do you desire? You get to create this! What do you desire for your family experience to look like? What do you desire for this time in your life. Even though your child isn't living at home, you can create a life outside of the children.

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