9 Ways to Change Today

You need to change.. I mean really. You should. And you shouldn't take offense to it. A good friend of mine has a tattoo on her wrist that says, "Always Change." We should always be wanting to change and evolve. 
Here are some quick things that you can do today to change your life today! 
Challenge yourself to CHANGE! 
Let's get started... 
1. Establish A Morning Routine
A morning routine can be the jumpstart that you are needing to get your life on track. This is the very first change to make! Creator of The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod suggests that people follow the S.A.V.E.R.S. Start your morning early before 6am preferably. The S.A.V.E.R.S. can be done in any order in any amount of time.
S- Silence (Meditation)
A- Affirmations
V- Visualization
E- Exercise
R- Reading
S- Scribing (Journaling)
2. Fast
The benefits of fasting can reach far beyond your waistline. Benefits of fasting include better focus, decreased inflammation, weight loss, delayed aging and may reduce your chances of getting cancer. For me, the hours when I am fasting are my clearest and least distracted hours. Drink green tea and water during this time and enjoy the feeling of giving your digestive system a break.
(Disclaimer: Fasting is not for everyone. Pay attention to the way you feel and listen to your body. It is okay to feel hungry. It is not okay to feel like you are going to pass out.)
3. Drop Flour and Sugar from your diet
This no doubt will be the most unpopular of the 8 ways to change your life. Sugar and flour directly impact your overall health. Eliminating these things will cause a domino effect of goodness in your body. These two things cause an over desire for food. Sugar and flour make our brains go crazy like a drug. Here is something to think about... If eating these foods change the way you feel emotionally, you are using them as a drug. We should not be using food as a way to cope with feelings. Cut these two ingredients from your diet and see what comes up for you emotionally. This is the healthiest way to deal with thoughts, feelings and emotions. Not by eating mood altering foods.
4. Live a Life of Intention
What is the life that you want to live? Not the life you have to live, but the life you want to live. Blundering through life wishing your life was different is a total waste of your time because you can have absolutely everything that you want in life, but only if you are being intentional with the way you are living. Weight seems to be a challenge for many people so I will start there. If you want to be skinny you will have to be intentional about the things you put in your mouth and the amount of physical activity you do. Another common issue is not having enough money. You are broke every month. You are choosing to be broke and choosing how much money you spend and how money you make. Set the intention for the life you want and follow it with massive action. Your life will change.
5. Learn to say no
Successful people no more than unsuccessful people. Most people say yes because they are people pleasers. You do not need to be a people pleaser. You say no in order to say yes to your bigger goal, your bigger self. I see this a lot with moms of young children. Tee-ball coach? Sure! Snacks after the game? I’m on it! Someone to pick up the uniforms before practice? I’ll do it! Help setting up for a wedding? Sure! Friends birthday party on Sunday? We’ll be there. It is endless and will absolutely run you ragged. It is okay to say no. You do not have to be a butt about it. You can be kind and say something like, “Sara, thank you so much for inviting us to the party Sunday. We reserve Sunday for family time only so unfortunately we will not be able to come. I will send Johnny’s gift to school with my son Monday.” Be kind, but say no. Chances are, you need to be saying no a lot more that what you are. Say no to others, and say yes to yourself and your schedule.
6. Accept your loved ones for who they are.
Imagine if you could just love and be a force of love in people’s lives. There is no doubt that we have all tried to “change” someone before. How did that work for you? It probably didn’t. If people in your life want to change it is going to be because they want to change, not because you want them to change. And if they change for you, is that the right reason to change? So as you try to adapt to this new thought, I want you to think about it this way... Do you have a pet? If not, you probably have at some point. What value did that animal bring to your life? Did you love them for how they treated you or what they did for you? Or did you love them just because they were there. That is how we need to think about our loved ones. They are there for us to love regardless of their annoying ways or irritating comments.
(Disclaimer: This is for mild irritants, not abuse.)
7. Attach “and it’s okay” to the things you cannot change
There are things that you cannot change and will never be able to change. So what do you do about that? I have a strategy that works pretty well. You just say what the issue is and add “and that’s okay” to the end of it. Here are some examples; My husband leaves his clothes laying the floor and that is okay. My daughter doesn’t call me as much as I would like for her to and that’s okay. I really want to get high right now and that is okay. Sometimes it is okay to be okay with thoughts and feelings without responding or reacting to them. There is a time and place for putting your foot down and not accepting something, but other times the best option is to decide to just be “okay” with it.
(Disclaimer: There are some behaviors that are not “okay.” Know the difference.)
8. Manage your time
Be a slave to your calendar and avoid multitasking. Being a slave to your calendar creates time. You schedule everything; work, fun and downtime. The thing I hear more than anything is “I don’t have time.” I am fat because I do not have time to cook healthy meals or go for walk. I am broke because I do not have time to sit down and create a budget. I don’t get enough sleep because I do not have enough time. I can’t go to college and get my dream job because I do not have time. Here is the thing... you do have time. We all have the same amount of time in a day. We are just all managing it differently. Tell your time what to do for you. It shouldn’t be the other way around.
9. Pay attention to what you say to yourself
Do you ever beat yourself up over things? Gosh, I am so dumb! I cannot believe that I forgot that. I am worthless. I do not deserve love. I am a waste of people’s time. WHAT!?!?! Stop doing that! It does not serve you. It does not “teach you a lesson” or make things better. It just puts you in a tailspin of negative self talk. This can be hard for some people, so let me give you an example. Instead of saying “I am so dumb” say, “It is possible that I can do better” or “I will do better next time” depending on how each of those things feel to you. Say the one that feels best to you right now.
There you have it my Top 9 Ways to Make Changes to Change Your Life. If the list is overwhelming just start with one and work your way through the list.
You have to know you. If you are an “all in” type of person by all means, jump in. If you are already overwhelmed just reading this, then you should work to apply a new tip every week or month.
Remember that there is a healthy balance between doing what is comfortable for you and pushing yourself to do and be more. Know where that is at for you.

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