Being a Party Girl: An Interview with Becca Pike

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2020

In this interview, Becca Pike shares with us strategies that we can use, as parents, to understand and help our daughters to navigate "being a party girl" to keep them safe and empower them to find something they can do to be powerful.

Becca founded Hell Yes Coaching in March of 2019 after discovering the power of accountability and mentorship in her own small brick and mortar business. Her sports massage therapy business grew from being a sole-entrepreneur business to a 23-employees and 2-location company in less than 3 years.

Becca is a serial entrepreneur who loves to guide business owners through the rigors of self-employment and entrepreneurship. She is a believer in extreme ownership and loves to push her clients to think and dream bigger than they ever have. Becca is a loving wife and mother of 4 small children. She loves her indoor plants, wines, hiking, and weight lifting.

Becca is a student of Lindsay Dotzlaf, and believes human potential is absolutely unlimited. Becca specializes in business growth coaching and wants to help you grow revenue, overcome your fears, and have your most profitable year to date.

If you're curious about what your daughter should know before going off on her own in college, go to and download your FREE 15 Questions Guide to help you have a deeper conversation about preparing for college success. You have to have a deeper conversation starter than, "Are you excited for college?" Talk soon! JoBeth Evans


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