Free 15 Questions Guide
Free 15 Questions Guide

Hi! I'm JoBeth Evans.

I teach high-achieving young women the action steps they can take in order to create a fulfilling college experience by setting healthy expectations in the areas of school, relationships, careers, and life.

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As a high achiever getting ready for college, it's normal to feel...

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However, in order to have a truly fulfilling and successful college experience, you have to plan for it. 

You have to be able to answer deeper questions than:

"Are you excited about college?"

"Have you found your room mate yet?"

"What's your major?"

So... what questions SHOULD you be able to answer?

Get my FREE GUIDE with 15 questions you can think about and talk to a trusted adult about TODAY!

Through her coaching services, JoBeth inspires a simple, proven and safe environment for high-achieving young women who need support with the high expectations, anxiety, and challenges that come with being a college student on today's campuses.

She proves that by moving away from the "WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?"and into the "HOW CAN I ACHIEVE WHAT I WANT SAFELY?", even the most anxious high-achievers can move through overwhelm, and instead generate exciting momentum as they move closer to building a college experience they can be excited about.

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