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15 Questions You Have to Ask Yourself Before College

Going to college is super exciting! But there are some things you need to know before you head out! Here you can download 15 questions that you must ask yourself before hitting the road! 

Transition YOUniversity

Transition YOUniversity is the membership that you need to excel in your first year of college and beyond! 

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Group Coaching

In these weekly sessions you will learn how to master you mind in order to achieve at the highest levels. We will cover health, academics, finances, relationships and much more. 

Weekly Q & A

Each week you will have the opportunity to ask your questions and get coached on your specific area of concern. All questions get answered. 

Bonus Coaching

You also have access to worksheets, journal prompts, how to videos, job openings, interviews with women leaders and foundational coaching at your mercy 24/7. All you do is login! 

"After working with JoBeth I am amazed at her in-depth and interpersonal knowledge of how to work with people, especially young women in the most crucial time of their lives. JoBeth has a warm, welcoming demeanor, a great work ethic and she is a great example of the work-life balance of a busy mom, a wife, and a successful entrepreneur. She is truly a great role model for any young woman looking for guidance and clarity. I recommend her highly!"

Dr. Cali Estes
CEO Celebrity Coach

Hi, I'm JoBeth

There is one day from college that stands out to me more than the rest. I was sitting in the lobby of Kimple Hall at the University of Arkansas. It was my senior year. I wasn't feeling well. I took a second set down to make sure I was okay. About that time my chest started hurting and it felt like ice was running through all the veins in my chest. I thought I was having a heart attack. I was 20 years old. Married. And stressed out. I had no resources and was scared to death. I went to the doctor later and was told it was an anxiety attack. My doctor told me that he could put me on meds or I could get a grip on my life and start taking care of myself. I wasn't in a place where I felt like I needed medication-- so I made it my mission to figure this anxiety thing out. Eight years later, here I am. I still have anxiety, but I know how to handle it. Something that I have noticed as a college instructor is that most college girls are experiencing loads of stress and anxiety. The bad part is that they are experiencing it. The good part is that I have figured out the steps, tools and skills necessary to overcome these things quickly. I love coaching young ladies and I hope that you will join me as a founding member as we journey though Transition YOUniversity!

What is Transition YOUniversity?

Transition YOUniversity is a online membership that offers group coaching, question and answer sessions and a private facebook community.

Transition YOUniversity was created for you, the college girl who wants to do it all and do it all well. I was that girl. I know what it feels like. I know what it feels like for someone to stand in front of you and tell you how awesome you are when you are falling apart inside. As a strong young women life can be hard. You have to make the good grades. Land the great job. Get the scholarship. Maintain a social life. Visit your family. Manage your money. AND still look like you have it all together. I know you well.  You sit in my classes. I see you on my Instagram. You pass by me at the ball games. I see you. Many people will tell you that you cannot have it all and do it all-- that is not me. I know you can have it all and do it all. I also know that it can be really hard. This is why I created Transition YOUniversity. I have went before you and figured all this stuff out. 

So what exactly do you get with Transition YOUniversity? Me! Just kidding, but really that is what you get. Me and an amazing community of other young women like yourself. In this membership, you get a weekly coaching call that will knock your socks off, guaranteed. We will talk about everything from time management, which is huge in college, to dating and networking. I do not plan these coaching sessions way in advance. The content I provide is based off of what the current group needs. That way the information is always fresh and relevant. From time to time the coaching session will also include a worksheet or challenge to make sure that you are engaging with the content. In addition to that I will also pop in to our private Facebook group for Q & A. Even though this is a group thing, I am still very interested in you as an individual and the needs you have. As a member you have access to my email! You might even get the chance to be coached live in a Facebook Q & A. The last thing is the Facebook group. The Facebook is to provide you with like minded ladies that are focused on improving their lives and thriving in college. There you can ask me and the group questions, bounce ideas around and offer support and encouragement. I LOVE it! Transition YOUniversity is everything I wish I had in college and I an super excited to get to do this you! 

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Transtion YOUniversity is opening in August!


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